Motorola » MC9091-G
When you need to scan bar codes and collect data in the harshest of environments, Motorola’s MC9190-G is
ready for the job. Whether your workers are managing inventory in industrial warehouses, searching or materials in subzero temperatures out in the yard or repairing equipment on a military base in a hot sandy desert, the
MC9190-G helps get the job done right and fast. You can count on dependable scanning of virtually any bar code
— even if the label has been damaged. With the next generation of the highly successful MC9000-G Series in
hand, scanning is easier than ever, with point and shoot simplicity for bar codes that are inches or meters away, on
the top shelves in the warehouse or deep inside a truck.
The new high resolution backlit display is easy to view in any lighting — from the dim corners of a warehouse to the bright sunlight out on the loading dock.