Our Services:
The Datum services are unique and clearly distinguished from competition:
1 Presales services: We have a unique site surveying and presales service that makes us recommend the right solution for our customers. Our policy is not just to sell but to ensure that our customer will gain maximum benefits from the solutions they receive from us.
2 Post-Sales Services: Datum offers superior customer support whether on phone or on the customer site. We know that customer satisfaction is the real key to our success and hence we offer our customer unprecedented level of support. Our customers are more satisfied after sales than they are before sales because they see from the level of service they get that we "Care". The Datum cycle of post-sales services goes as follows:
  • Installation
  • Fine tuning
  • Training
  • Supervision of early working cycles
  • Continuous support on hardware and software by phone or support visit.
3 Repair Services: We have a repair center fully certified by our suppliers to offer all maintenance and support services to our customers and hence there is no hardware issue that we can't resolve. We also offer unique support and development for our software solutions.
4 Warranty: Our warranty service is second to none. We have a fair & Clear policy that gives the customers the benefit of the doubt. We guarantee that our customer operation never gets affected because of maintenance needs.